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Data Migration is Evil.. 1 May 2006

Posted by deunan in Work.

Well, I say that the hard part is almost done. Duplicates eliminated, hanging records purged. Now, I only need to create new 'Registration No', since the new system requires on 16 characters, instead of 25++ in the original.

What else? Oh yeah, remove all hyphens ("-") characters in the Identity Card Number column (This one needs a bit thinking). Seperate all I/C #s from old to new (This one's peanuts). Remove all instances of the apostrophe ("'" – heh!) and ampersand ("&") from Names and Addresses Fields (Ought to be fun!).  Yeah, don't forget to split the addresses field by 35 characters  😉  (More to remind myself than just a simple blogging  😛  )
Umm.. Hope I can finish by midnight!



1. eveblackburn57897 - 8 April 2016

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